Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Collage

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Merry Christmas!

i haven't written my Christmas letter (email) yet (hopefully this will happen soon... maybe it will be a new year's letter!). we've had some fantastically fun several days. on sunday we joined some good friends for a "shepherd's feast" in which we all dressed as kings and shepherds and had a yummy meal on blankets by the christmas tree (i'll try to post a picture of this one later). we also listened to and talked about the story of Christ's birth from the Bible. then on monday we made and enjoyed ethnic foods (tacos and tabouli!) and we stayed up late and opened our presents to and from each other. santa came sometime during the night and that's what we did this morning (tuesday). here's a slide show you can watch of our Christmas celebrating. we love you and hope you're all having an outstanding Christmas, too.

Monday, December 17, 2007

second try for adorable pictures

i like this picture. we were working on trying to get everybody to sleep, but as you can tell, it was a big fat joke. nobody wanted to sleep... just pretend to sleep and pose for pictures instead.

my bonita posing in front of our miniature tree.

here are my cuties on a particularly happy morning. i love happy mornings!

jacob with ziya and abe at our ward christmas party the other night. jacob did karaoke, the boys stood up on the stage a few times but wouldn't sing and i played the piano for a friend who sang a song from forgotten carols. fun times were had.

look at those eyelashes... it's just not fair!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

adorable pictures... read next post for explanation

i guess the adorable pictures will have to wait. i'm clicking the "add image" button and nothing is happening. NADA! i don't have the energy to mess around with this right now. it is, after all, three minutes to midnight.

Saturday, December 15, 2007


gosh, it must be really close to Christmas or something... i mean, only four posts in november and now it's mid-december and no posts yet. i've had many "thoughts" about posting. like on november 21st when jacob had a birthday and i let the boys decorate his cake and we only had pink candles! or on december 1st when we celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary by going to sleep early. i wanted to surprise jacob with a special post dedicated to him... but again, it just hasn't happened. he is great though. here he is with his 34 pink candles. of course, he had to have some help blowing them all out!

i also thought about writing a "thankful" post for thanksgiving. health, strength, daily food (yes, sing along if you'd like), family, the Gospel, good friends, free rent, a great job, laughter, turkey, girls' night out, goofy knock knock jokes that don't make any sense... all would have been on my top 10 (or top 12). instead, here's a picture of us just before eating with our friends, the Lines family.

i've also been very excited about sharing my newest endeavor... quilting! yes, i, berenice guadalupe munyer, am quilting!!! well, sort of (except that i'm not actually making quilts). i'll bet that my friend krista didn't think that when she hung her stockings this year she would actually change my life. i saw them and the inspiration bug bit me. here are my efforts... still a work in progress but oh, so much fun. as a matter of fact, on my first night of sewing, i just couldn't stop giggling to myself. jacob was at the computer and must have thought i'd gone over the deep end. i just kept giggling... truly tickled at the fact that i was actually quilting. whoever would have thunk! i'm not sure that the stockings will actually get bound before christmas. a stapler or some tape might have to do the job for this year.

i've also wanted to comment about the weather. shouldn't we be able to enjoy some snow? one would think!!! we live in alaska for crying aloud! we've had a couple of different storms, but the snow has only stayed on the ground for a few days each separate time. it's really weird. everybody is talking about how very, very strange it is that it's almost christmas and there is no snow on the ground. the temperatures did drop this week (our highs for the past couple of days have been about 16 degrees)... but still no snow. i've also noticed that we are truly acclimatized. last year with 16 degree weather, we would have worn coats, hats, gloves, scarves, boots... the whole kitten kaboodle, even if it was just to go to the store. but now, we are learning that unless we're actually going to spend some time outside, we are fine to just wear our sweatshirts. amazing. here are ammon and abe enjoying what little snow we've had.

then of course there are the times i've wanted to post just cause i have adorable pictures i want to share. like these:

o.k. so maybe there's a limit to how many pictures you can have on one post... cause i can't seem to add any more. (i'm obviously still learning all the hoops to formatting on a blog). anyway, the adorable pictures i was talking about will be on a separate post.