Sunday, May 23, 2010

We Keep Getting Older! Four Birthdays in Three Months

Abe was the one to start off the string of birthday celebrations way back on March 24. He turned 6 years old (already???). It seems we celebrated his birthday for about two weeks. We had a combined birthday dinner with his cousin Dax, who was turning 17, on March 21... and he got some gifts. Then on the 24th, his actual birthday, he had another cake with just our family... and he got some more gifts. Then on April 1st, when the weather finally allowed, we invited some little friends to the park. This time we had ice cream... and more gifts. Needless to say, it was a good birthday for Abe this year!

Abe turns 6, Dax turns 17! That's 23 candles on this cake!

Munyers and Vernons know how to be goofy!

It's tradition... face in the cake!

Star Wars toy and a check... who could ask for more?

Ymmm... more cake!

Fun with friends at the park.

It was a chilly day, but we still had fun!

In years past, we've thrown organized birthday parties (invitations, friends, decorations, party favors, etc.) for Ammon and Abe, but somehow, this hasn't been the case for little Ziya. This year was her year! She had a full blown princess celebration, complete with crowns, princess dresses, and a very pink princess craft... and she absolutely loved it.

Fun celebrating first with the family

And then celebrating with friends!
Ziya's princess friends: Payton, Natalie & Caroline

Later during the party, Ziya changed her dress so they could all match!

One special treasure for this birthday was that Ziya was able to spend part of it with her great-grandmother Elena and her great-aunt Yuya, who were visiting.

Later that week, the Vernons came to celebrate more with us.
Here's Ziya with cousins Acasia and Aitana.

First birthdays are always fun. My parents and the Vernons came over to help us celebrate Kenai's first year. As young as he is, Kenai totally realized that the gathering was all about him. He loved being the center of attention, and he loved opening the gifts, too!

A couple of first birthday notes about Kenai: he has four teeth (more than any of his siblings at this age!), he has the cutest curly hair, he is a climber and an adventurer and even gates are ineffective unless locked (he figured out how to open them!), he's not quite walking (but it won't be long), and he's very, very attached to mami! He will only go (without crying) to a very selective few: Tita, Tito and Aunt Coyo is finally growing on him!

Nobody can tell him to stop banging now!!

This was the best we could do at trying to get a picture of all four kiddos.

He loves bananas!!! So I made him a banana split banana cake!!! He loved it!

Just checkin' it out!

When Ziya turned one, we wanted her to dig in and get messy with her cake, but she wouldn't.
Kenai, on the other hand, cooperated beautifully. What fun! Ymmmmm!!!

Bere turns 30-something!
I wrapped up the string of birthdays last Thursday. I'm usually not much into celebrating my birthday, but this year turned out to be a special one. Jacob took the day off of work (shhhhh... he called in sick!) and my sister, Colomba, cooked up a feast in my honor!

Twice a week, I play volleyball at church with a bunch of friends. I took the kids with me (along with two extras that I was babysitting), but as soon as Kenai got fussy, I called up Jacob (who was home working on applications) and he came to my rescue. Sounds silly, but this was THE BEST GIFT EVER! I got to play several games in a row WITHOUT having to hop in and out for a fussy baby. I LOVED IT!!! Thank you, Jacob!!!

This is what I look like when I hit the ball
(check out my legs!!!!)

Even better than uninterrupted volleyball, was this feast that Coyo made for me. I was gracious enough to share with the rest of the family. I love having a chef for a sister (thanks Coyo!!!).

Yeah... go ahead and click on the picture to enlarge and try to savor!!! It was soooooo good!

Yup, my mom indulged me with this famous Costco cake... it's the huge one with the chocolate shavings on top! And to go with it, Ben and Jerry's yummy flavors!