Thursday, June 4, 2009

June 2009 in Review!

June 2009 has been an absolutely crazy month for the Munyer family. When you add up a new baby in the family, preparing to make a major 3,000 mile move, still managing apartments and trying to get in as much fun summer stuff with friends as possible, and finally making the 3,000 mile move, you get CRAZINESS!!! It was fun craziness, but craziness nevertheless. Here is a review of the month (with the end of May, too!).

May 29, 2009: After our visit to Kenai Landing, we had to pull over so I could nurse Kenai. In the meantime, Ammon, Abraham and Jacob had fun jumping from trees! I love the "spiderwebs" Abraham is shooting out of his hand. They really do think that they are super heroes. It scares me sometimes!

May 29, 2009: A small carnival came to Kenai, and seeing as we live only a few blocks from it and it's in plain sight to our kids every time we drive in or out of our neighborhood, we HAD to go. Our budget limited us to just a few rides, but the kids were in heaven. The huge slide was probably the biggest hit. They did that one a couple of times. Ammon and Abe tried the spinning apples and Ziya got to go fishing for duckies and she won a little stuffed penguin. It was windy and cold, but it was fun to be outside together and enjoy some family time.

May 30, 2009: Kaarin called and invited us to go and see an "air show" with her and her family. Being from southern California where the Blue Angels train, both Jacob and I had visions of jets flying overhead in amazingly close and daring formations... that's not what this airshow was about, but it was fun nevertheless! After hot dogs with the Johnsons at the FedEx building where Shane works, we went to the air show and got to go inside of some really cool coast guard planes, listen to some patriotic music, look at booths about aviation and get some balloons from a really cool clown.

June 3, 2009: We joined the Maw and Quiner families on a campout at Captain Cook State Park just north of Nikiski. These are two very cool families who know how to have fun! How can you not have fun while camping with 13 kids between the ages of one month and 9 years old? (Scrapbooking/collaging credits to go Angeline... I've snatched them from her blog... Thanks, Angeline!)

The dads were good enough to take most of the kids on a hike. They went to the rocks at the water's edge and climbed, skipped rocks into the water and posed for cute pictures.

Angeline, Holly and I outdid ourselves when it came to dinner! We had hamburger foil dinners with tons of delicious vegetables. Ymmmm!

Even one-month-old baby Kenai went camping with us! He had the day of his life. He was held the entire day and hardly cried a bit! I took Ziya and Kenai home to sleep at night so that I wouldn't feel like such a guilty mom!

These are some of our camping candids.

The major highlight of this camping trip came when Abraham, Holly and I went to look for Ammon and some of the other kids that we hadn't seen in a while. Abraham got just a bit ahead of us and shouted, "I saw a bear!" I told him that it wasn't good to lie or to play games with things like this, but he insisted that he really did see a bear. Holly and I heard some very loud rustling in the bushes below us and after shouting for Ammon and not getting an answer from him, I got very nervous. Sure enough, Abe had seen a bear. Actually, he had seen TWO!!! We had the amazing opportunity to watch them play from a safe distance throughout the rest of the day. Later in the evening, we were warned by another camper that they were heading our direction again. Angeline, John and Jacob got really close (way too close for comfort, actually!) and snapped a bunch of pictures. I also got this video of them playing.