Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ziya is Three Today!!!

Ziya is three years old today. She immediately put a princess dress on and got to open one little present. She got some little teddy bear puzzles, but she hasn't played with them because the gift wrapping was embellished with a little princess lip gloss. She hasn't let go of that all day! She's having a little princess party tomorrow, so I'll post more pictures later.

She met her great grandma Elena and great aunt Yuya earlier in the week. They came over for pink pancakes for breakfast. Then she got her hair done and posed for a few pictures.

Ziya with her first present, a puzzle set. See the little lip gloss attached to it? Big hit!

Ziya with her great grandma Elena, my mom's mom who is visiting from San Jose.

Ziya with her great aunt Yuya, my mom's sister.

Ziya with great grandma Elena, great aunt Yuya, grandma and little brother Kenai.