Saturday, March 24, 2012

Abraham's 8th Birthday

 My little Abraham turned 8 today.  He was supposed to be baptized at 10 this morning.  We were supposed to enjoy his baptism and then come home to share yummy crepes (his request) with aunts, uncles, cousins, grandma and grandpa. He was supposed to blow out cake candles and open gifts.  He was supposed to enjoy his day playing and celebrating this very special birthday.  Instead, he spent the day on the couch with his favorite "horse" blanket (black side always facing out) sometimes watching some TV, sometimes drifting in and out of sleep, and sometimes picking on Ziya... all the time fighting influenza B.  He actually wasn't too bad during the day, just a little low on energy (compared to yesterday anyway, when he could barely walk, eyes were red and he burned with fever for most of the day).  At moments (probably those when he was picking on Ziya), I even questioned whether we'd made the right decision in postponing his baptism.  But when we finally sat down to have the crepes with just our immediate family, it hit him hard again.  So hard that after mustering up the energy to open his family presents, he decided to skip cake and go straight to bed.

Here he is getting ready for crepes.  We always make the kids eat the "healthy" ones first (eggs and sausage) before having the nutella, whipped cream and fruit.  Abe requested his tiny bit of eggs and sausage NOT INSIDE the crepe.  Then Kenai made the same request.  I wondered why I'd even bothered making them (they're not exactly easy!).  Ammon answered that thought by eating about 8 of them!

We had to cut crepe-time short because Abe was running out of energy.  He opened his gifts and was excited for what he got:  some new scriptures with his name engraved on them, a CTR bag to carry them in, a Baptism Memories book and a cool spinning CTR sports ring from mami and papi, a CTR tie (the real tying kind!) from Ammon, a little 3 minute scripture reading timer from Ziya, and scripture marking crayons from Kenai. 

And finally, a pose with brothers and sister.  It wasn't the day we'd planned for, but when it ends with a picture like this, my heart is grateful.  Jacob carried him up the stairs and he was out like a light!  Hopefully it won't be too long before I write a post about a very happy and healthy baptism day!!!
  Happy birthday sweet Abraham!

Now it's Sunday, and I've stayed home from church with Abraham and Kenai, who is now burning a 102 fever! Abe and I went through the year's photos and made this little slideshow of his past year.


Thomas Family said...

Aww happy birthday Abe! That's to bad he was sick but looks like it was a party anyways. He looks so grown up!

Chelsey said...

That is terrible to be sick on your baptism/birthday. It's not too often that people are actually baptized on their birthdays. Ben's birthday was last week and we are planning on his baptism the 7th.

munyer jerk chicken said...

I know!!! Ammon was actually able to be baptized on his birthday, too! So it was a really cool thing that Abe would have had the same opportunity. Now we're shooting for Friday night with another little girl in our ward. We'll see how it goes though, since Kenai woke up with the same gunk this morning. It might just have to work its way through the whole family. What a spring break! The good thing though is that if we're able to do it on Friday, more of our family will be here from Utah. So mixed blessings...