Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I'm Number One!!!

I won't go into details right now except to say that Ammon is testing me and we seem to butt heads a lot. Sometimes it makes me wonder just what he feels for me. My answer came while we were reading scriptures a few nights ago. He wouldn't participate and I was about to get mad because I thought he was just sitting there drawing. Something told me to just let him be. Thank goodness Jacob was on the same page because this is what he was actually working on.
1. mom
2. dad
3. brothers
4. sister
5. food
6. scriptures
7. roller coaster
8. Halloween
9. birthday
10. Star Wars


Thomas Family said...

Aw so nice to be appreciated, and loved! Glad to see you back. I love your posts.

Pam Gomez said...

The glory of you Berenice is the inspiration that comes to you when you seem to discover all of your children's love for you. Of course, your number 1 in all of their eyes.

Lora Stratton said...

I love that!